Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

From Twitter 12-08-2009

  • 05:27:23: The honest movie PR interview from Roger @ebertchicago. Were these guys drunk?
  • 05:34:46: Recipe for disaster: pumping gas into a running car while talking on a cell phone.
  • 05:41:21: @mactavish That's the version I wanna watch!
  • 05:50:38: Gotta be an inside joke. PT @jennafoo: iPhone's auto-correct engine just replaced the word "geekery" with "Hewlett".
  • 05:52:59: Certainly true from my POV. RT @jvondeling: No recovery without a jobs recovery.
  • 07:37:50: RT @TweetsofOld: A family of four saving its cans for 2 weeks can supply metal for a portable flame thrower.KY1943
  • 07:45:59: @bjay (groan)
  • 09:06:47: The more stressed I am, the more I need LOLcats.
  • 10:44:25: @aberrantvirtue Oh, so cute!
  • 10:44:43: @Leatherz May they rot in hell.
  • 10:59:05: Medieval weaponry FTW. Assuming you like flaming death and/or really painful penetration wounds.
  • 18:10:09: Just heard Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer - first time this year. Guess it's really Christmas.
  • 19:05:52: RT @abostick59: "Best practice" and "Facebook" should not be used in the same sentence unless "Facebook" is immediately preceded by "avoid."
  • 19:08:50: @mcmoots I might pay $35 to avoid eating lutefisk. Herring with Drano sauce is not my bag.
  • 19:11:23: RT @abostick59: TSA inadvertently gives us a look backstage at the Security Theater (via @Cadigan)
  • 19:15:44: Why don't we have jetpacks yet? @catvalente reveals the secret.
  • 20:02:11: .@Alonis "Spare the air" means no burning Duraflame logs or PG&E bills, either.

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