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REVIEW: Neilmed Sinus Rinse

Slightly expanded from a comment elsewhere.

fountain of coughing, fountain of snot

Several years ago my asthma manager strongly recommended this. So I bought the bottle and the pre-mixed packets, but the thought of squirting warm salt water up my nose creeped me out. They sat waiting in my medicine cabinet.

Recently I've been driven to try it by laryngitis and a persistent cough. OMG, what an enormous difference it makes! Less hoarseness, less congestion, less coughing, easier breathing, general bliss. The rinsing cut at least a week off the laryngitis.

The sensation is actually not unpleasant. I thought it would feel like drowning, but no. The warm salt water can even feel weirdly soothing.

It's not just the cold easing up, either. I left the bottle at my girlfriend's and didn't retrieve it for several days. Definitely my sinuses were more congested and the mucus was thicker without the twice-daily rinse. Now that I have it again, the good effects have returned.

I'm using the premixed packets now, but when they're gone I'll measure and mix my own uniodized salt and baking soda. It's a whole lot cheaper that way. But even if you use the packets, this product is completely worth it. It's a fast way to get better health without expensive drugs and their potentially unpleasant side effects.
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