Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

From Twitter 12-10-2009

  • 05:55:15: @cathesaurus No, because I can go to the bathroom and get back to sleep in just a couple of minutes. Getting food means being really awake.
  • 05:59:31: @1001words IMX, packing to move is a good way to force yourself to face it. So you want some of my books? I have thousands.
  • 08:37:24: @1001words I'm also getting rid of furniture, craft supplies, and bookcases -- conveniently located in beautiful Castro Valley.
  • 08:39:33: @britgeekgrrl Somebody called work "the great anodyne." IMX it is.
  • 08:41:17: Yes, but in a good way. PT @marnanel: Am I so much like one of the Endless?
  • 08:41:36: @Quiara Good luck!
  • 12:34:22: Bone marrow transplant can CURE!!!! sickle-cell disease in adults.
  • 15:05:00: When a geologist tells you to get out of the way, DO IT. Stunning landslide footage. Nobody hurt.
  • 15:38:14: @geographile Have also linked from my blogger blog and The story is too good to miss.
  • 15:39:39: Thrill your Goth friends! RT @txtriffidranch: Adopt a bat for Christmas, via Bat World International:
  • 15:41:09: Stories shape the world. RT @jvondeling "Something fundamental has not changed at all about change: stories still come first." @randomdeanna
  • 15:44:05: RT @Single_Shot: Dance like the photo's not tagged, love like you've never been unfriended, tweet like nobody's following
  • 16:19:05: @bjay You've got this down to a science, don't you?
  • 16:19:28: @compilerbitch (offering warm tender hugs)

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