Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

Welcome to the Handbasket

My Ancestors, Let Me Show You Them. Evidence of mass cannibalism in early Germany. Food-history buffs will be amused to see that the chief excavator is a Dr. Boulestin.

The University of Chicago's Archaic Mark codex is a Victorian/Edwardian fake. Thanks to [personal profile] dakiwiboid.

Dead giant squid invading Oregon! Locals proclaim them "better than those fscking Californians, anyway."

The Crazy Neighbor. Submit a picture to this blog of your neighbor's warped Christmas decorations or rifle-equipped bicycle. See how long it takes him to egg your house or lay mines in your back yard. Thanks to [profile] txtriffidranch.

For the more delicate and refined, you can now cover your pet's rear entry with a cardboard flower. I wish I were kidding.

How are they going to make enough to pay for our Social Security? The US is one of only two nations where adults 25-34 have less education than their parents' generation. Thanks to [profile] jpmassar.

Assuming there *is* such a thing after the oil crash.

But cheer up. The world is always coming to an end, and rarely manages it. 10 Doomsday prophecies that didn't come true.
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