Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

From Twitter 12-14-2009

  • 12:54:31: @angevin2 He's a douche plus idiot.
  • 12:56:29: @castlesburning I'm working on an LJ poll about this very topic.
  • 12:57:40: It's a sign! A sign of dooooom! RT @seismogenic: OH MY GOD! The hallway in the Moscone Center ENDS AT 2012! #AGU09
  • 12:59:35: Like I'd trust them with my financial info. RT @Alonis: SunTrust Banks, Inc. releases daily budgeting app for Facebook, Daily Dollar.
  • 13:01:05: Why I love my tweeps.Imaginary friends using imaginary numbers. RT @AdamantFire: Problem f(1+i)=x^3+3x^2+4x+2
  • 13:02:46: @AdamantFire Connection, distance, circumstance al are factors.
  • 13:05:40: @cathesaurus Have a truly wonderful time! Are you taking any Le Carre novels on the flight? Or Isherwood?
  • 17:51:38: PW does racefail. RT: @paperhaus: This is Why Black People Always Seem Angry
  • 17:55:50: @ewabbott Few potential partners are as interesting as a stack of books. However, the right partner can give you access to their books.
  • 18:08:39: USGS has determined an earthquake early warning system for California is feasible, Good thing. I live on a major fault.
  • 18:20:52: @BadAstronomer Great line: "he shouldn’t even be allowed to rant in public parks to passing squirrels"
  • 20:14:29: Free iTunes holiday music sampler. Almost all Christmas, 1 NYE, a couple generic winter.

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