Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

From Twitter 12-17-2009

  • 00:24:50: Just read "Not Ordinarily Borrowable." Absolutely delightful. Touching, funny, adventurous, and original.
  • 00:37:21: @Alonis I am so sorry for your loss. I'm glad you had 21 years together.
  • 11:50:01: @bjay? RT @Mollena: Wonder if any of my old rocket scientist buddies have a scoop on how one gets to tour Moffet Field.
  • 12:25:20: Hey, @mollena! Rocket scientists FTW. RT @bjay: with a driver's license and see
  • 12:25:41: @bjay Thanks!
  • 13:07:20: DNA exonerates man imprisoned for 35 years.
  • 16:37:08: I just spent 2 hrs proving that a drunken 3 yr old can tape a shipping box more neatly than I. Manual dexterity /= me. But I did it anyway.
  • 16:50:43: CA license plate WRPSPD3. Frame says SULU: AYE CAPTAIN.

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