Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

And May God Have Mercy on Me

Going offline for the move. If you need me, you can text or call my cell phone.

ETA/B> Looks like I have been stood up. My movers were called East Bay Moving Services (510.334.0941). They haven't returned any of my calls for the past couple days. I just figured they were out of town on a big move, maybe, and out of cell phone range. But nothing last night and nothing this morning.

I'm still packing -- that was a given, really. (It's nowhere near as bad as it looks. Honest.) I'd figured they could help.

I've already left messages with a couple of movers and my building super.

I may call my storage place and see if they know anybody who can move me at short notice. They were very nice people.

Now, Mercury is retrograde. It's a full moon (in Cancer, yet -- sign of the home). And there's an eclipse today. The Moon is in opposition to Pluto and Venus, and square to Saturn. That's a T-square and a powerful one.

All of these are VERY bad aspects for a successful move. Don't ever freaking tell me astrology has no effect. Feel free, however, to tell me I am an idiot for knowing but still moving now anyway. OTOH, stars or no stars, I need to get out of this apartment.
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