Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

From Twitter 01-05-2010

  • 04:29:58: RT @abostick59: Alchemists Screwed As Lead Outperforms Gold In 2009
  • 04:33:08: I lured @abostick59 to the dark side with cooki-- I mean LOLcats. I am so proud.
  • 11:55:48: @catvalente Talk to Elise -- see if you can get it in exchange for a story.
  • 16:35:35: Gmail is deeply confused. Earlier it thought snow was falling on my area. Now it's convinced we're having a thunderstorm. It's 56 and sunny.
  • 16:36:16: Their ambition is to nap, snack, and play. RT @peterstraubnyc: Call me crazy, but cats have no real ambition.
  • 17:11:10: Gabriel seems to be living outside. She appears when I open the studio door. I think she wants to live there again away from the other cats.
  • 17:51:33: Almost everything off the patio now. Am taking a break before last two boxes. Still need to move bedding bags to room. But I persevere.
  • 19:10:38: @catvalente Mint juleps. Mint tea. Mint fondant to fill chocolates. Mint ice cream.
  • 19:15:44: RT @lysana: Perv: (n) One whose lack of sexual self-honesty leads to suffering in others. See adultery, pedophilia, homophobia, bluenoses.

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