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Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

From Twitter 01-13-2010

  • 00:13:58: Because our culture prefers to rob the poor to give to the rich. RT @catvalente: Why are contemporary Robin Hood versions always stupid?
  • 01:43:27: RT @troylivesay: Church groups are singing thru out city all thru night in prayer. Is beautiful sound in middle of horrible tragedy. #Haiti
  • 17:01:09: @_housepet I'd be glad to help.
  • 18:03:41: RT @abostick59: Partners in Health, working for health care for the poor, has a Haiti disaster initiative.
  • 18:33:20: Very specific details of how a big quake would affect the East Bay (where I live near the fault) from @aboutgeology.
  • 18:34:21: @aboutgeology Great! I'm linking it on Facebook for my Eastern relatives. BTW, are you descended from John and Priscilla? If so, we're kin.
  • 20:28:13: El Dorado? Wow, this is an impressive find, whatever it is.
  • 20:29:09: RT @kelly_erin: Want to help Haiti? Please consider instead of discrimination-happy Red Cross.
  • 21:40:44: RT @randomdeanna: RT @tommatzzie: I'm matching up to $1000 for #Haiti. Pls RT. Up to $520 now. Twt me ur pledge amt. Donate to ur favorite.

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