Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

From Twitter 01-18-2010

  • 00:00:09: So, are you the @sarahdopp who wrote SLOW DEATH BY RUBBER DUCK: The Secret Danger of Everyday Things?
  • 00:03:30: LJ, why do you break down so often?
  • 00:20:41: .@Oraclenine Since I have a permanent account, the less I use the site, the better for them. #LJsucks
  • 00:27:20: Some very weird football players out there. RT @OMGFacts: Eagles mate in mid air.
  • 02:27:23: Your TV is lying to you about medicine. Maybe that's the problem with healthcare reform.
  • 14:27:38: Very gusty day, especially here on the hilltop. We're expecting up to 7 inches of rain (and subsequent mudslides) this week. Ah, California.
  • 14:29:41: Mudslides tend to hit burn areas. RT @CalFireNews: USGS Web Cams - Creeks and Burn areas
  • 14:32:10: Wow. RT @the_red_shoes: Neil Gaiman profiled in the #newyorker!
  • 14:48:33: Did Jesus say Shoot thine enemy? US military gunsights inscribed with Bible verses. I'm outraged as citizen and Christian.
  • 20:01:25: Just encountered a delightful phrase for my favorite beverage. From now on #tea is Hot Leaf Juice to me. Except when it's Iced Leaf Juice.
  • 20:03:08: RT @lizhenry: follow @evanlyon and @PIH_org for a view from Haiti from Partners in Health medical staff #haiti
  • 20:04:13: RT @randomdeanna: RT @cmc2: Responding to the Needs of Women and Girls in Haiti please RT!
  • 20:05:20: @zpdiduda I don't know anyone who reacts well to that. Offering hugs and sympathy.
  • 20:11:38: RT @MoveOn: Time for credit card companies to stop profiting from charitable donations. Sign the petition:
  • 20:18:30: .@seismogenic My inner upstate-Pennsylvanian loves this weather. The wind and rain feel natural. If only Californians could drive in rain.
  • 21:01:04: @Wifsie Had to follow you back. You correctly used "condign."
  • 22:09:30: I thought the flies were shaving, RT @mactavish: RT @jerryjamesstone: Study Reveals How Flies Mate by Shaving Their Penises with Lasers

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