Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

From Twitter 01-22-2010

  • 05:17:08: RT @NickHodge: The only reason the Egyptians invented hieroglyphics was so they could talk about their cats.
  • 05:18:54: Fever dreams, sore throat, earache.
  • 07:08:27: "If you board the wrong train, it's no use running along the corridor in the other direction," -- Dietrich Bonhoeffer
  • 07:16:19: @abostick59 Thanks, sweetie. I've been getting lots of rest and should be fine for Saturday night.
  • 07:18:28: @stevenberkowitz Yup.
  • 07:37:17: Dirty Harry meets Rain Man. #xkcd
  • 10:07:44: RT @snurri: I just received a text message from a friend that was sent 10 days ago. They were letting me know they would be late.
  • 11:24:36: RT @AdamGSanford: If you are #glbt and have experienced any form of violence related to your orientation, RT this w/hashtag #1in5 #prop8
  • 11:50:56: You are not allowed to kill yourself. #suicide-prevention
  • 11:51:07: RT @Thom_Hartmann: Sen. Sanders: Dred Scott turned people into property, Citizen's United turned property into people
  • 13:41:44: We have sunshine for the first time all week.
  • 15:13:12: Pouring rain and 50 degrees again. It is winter in San Francisco. Just like summer in Jackson, PA.
  • 23:29:11: @britgeekgrrl Be proud! It's excellent. The second is even better.
  • 23:30:49: Bye democracy! RT @ebertchicago: Supreme Ct rules 5-4 in favor of corporations. Majority opinion dictated from the grave by Milton Friedman.
  • 23:33:29: Explains so much, desn't it? RT @wilw: Arkham's Razor: A theory which suggests that the simplest explanation tends to lead to Cthulhu.

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