Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

From Twitter 01-27-2010

  • 01:18:50: In case you were wondering: the glasses did turn up under the table by my living-room chair. Probably guided there by felines.
  • 11:36:52: Dinosaurs were redheads! Via @txtriffidranch
  • 11:41:54: @dsb You can't tweet the Twiiter COO? It's like birdsong.
  • 11:42:42: @tenacious_snail (tenderly brushing off the gravel)
  • 11:43:41: @dangerpudding Bay Area shoes are probably not good on ice.
  • 11:47:07: @Tuwanda I'm sorry he's being so horrible. Praying for your peace and safety. And his letting go of his rage.
  • 11:49:11: Exercise as well as information. RT @rone: The Apple Tablet can be recharged by shaking it vigorously for four minutes.
  • 11:51:40: As you know, @marnanel, Chrysostom means golden-tongued. #StJohnChrysostom
  • 12:26:41: RT @HubSpot: ReTweet This to Win One of 3 Apple Tablets from @HubSpot
  • 12:51:00: @seismogenic Congratulations!
  • 12:56:39: .@whipartist Quite different. BMI is unscientific. It doesn't measure fat or health. Penalizes the muscular and tall. Also thin /= healthy.
  • 12:57:47: .@whipartist Discount for exercising or not smoking rewards health-related activity completely under individual's control.
  • 13:00:08: .@whipartist Moreover, raising food prices for high-BMI people makes it HARDER for them to eat well.
  • 13:01:50: @tenacious_snail SLAPPING the leather pants.
  • 13:03:07: @whipartist Relatively speaking, their price is higher.
  • 13:05:23: @whipartist But BMI is not necessarily correlated with fat. And the fat/healthcare issues are nowhere near that simple.
  • 13:13:09: @whipartist If Whole Foods wants to encourage employee health, they could reward exercise or nonsmokers. BMI is a canard.
  • 13:15:06: @whipartist BMI *is* the concept. I have no problem with WF supplying discounts on meditation classes, gyms, or whatever.
  • 17:04:55: Ways to know you're in Berkeley: stores advertise "handmade recycled organic gifts."
  • 17:54:32: So glad I had to go out today. First sunny day in two weeks. The light makes such a difference.
  • 19:34:28: @whipartist I am all in favor of encouraging healthier HABITS. Reward people for what they do, not who they are.
  • 20:13:34: @oaknfell It's Berkeley: expensively packaged poop.

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