Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

From Twitter 02-12-2010

  • 01:52:30: Still recovering from anaphylaxis. I'm now on prednisone to mop up the continuing respiratory inflammation. This one was nasty. Also scary.
  • 08:25:16: M: You have interesting topographic effects on the bedding. Me: Do you mean I rip the sheets loose or they drape well over my body? M: yes.
  • 09:37:51: Yes. Next question. RT @the_ogre: Listening to Talking Heads' "Popsicle", wondering if they really *were* the best band ever.
  • 09:39:44: Use Comic Sans. RT @OHnewsroom: Designer working on a logo for an anti-drug series: “No,,, Bodoni is far too classy for drug addicts.”
  • 09:44:52: RT @LadyCrow: Also, feminist playwright Eve Ensler is reportedly the co-designer of a new mouse:
  • 13:00:58: @soybuttergirl My illness is not your marketing opportunity. You've just committed the cardinal sin of social media: alienating your market.
  • 14:05:35: Neuroscience, Now with cats! (Goes with yesterday's Scientific Americat. Felines are very curious. Kinda like Einstein.)
  • 14:17:49: Kate Beaton and the Bronte sisters -- for once somebody appreciates Anne.
  • 14:19:07: @zillah975 Beats me. Maybe their partners don't like pussies.
  • 23:13:33: There's snow on the ground somewhere in every US state but Hawaii. Even Florida.
  • 23:30:25: @mactavish Nope, but they're keeping an eye out. Nobody's sure if this has happened before. Maybe in the bitter mid-1970s winters.

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