Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

From Twitter 02-14-2010

  • 02:04:13: @alleahna I am so glad you liked it. And such a great film.
  • 11:40:19: @soybuttergirl Sure, knowledge is power. That includes knowledge of better ways to approach customers dealing with a health crisis.
  • 11:41:31: @soybuttergirl I'd also suggest becoming aware of adult food allergy issues. Not everything is about the children.
  • 11:44:45: @soybuttergirl "Sorry to hear about the allergy! Bookmark for info to help you avoid nuts/peanuts, build peanut-free schools."
  • 11:46:26: @soybuttergirl That note of human concern at the start makes all the difference. Otherwise you come off as an ambulance-chaser.
  • 13:58:24: Goodbye, Dick Francis. May you gallop on the Downs for eternity.
  • 20:37:21: @ariedana When you move you discover that you possess approximately 4.375 times the stuff you thought you owned.
  • 21:21:21: Fraudulent bakery owner repackages ordinary bread to sell as gluten-free, making many ill. SIX felony counts!

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