Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

From Twitter 02-26-2010

  • 00:00:27: RT @BreakingNews Iceberg the size of Luxembourg breaks off Antarctic glacier, could affect ocean circulation patterns
  • 13:00:46: @Lynn4MK Good luck.
  • 14:22:07: @ariedana You're making me jealous, too. Unless you bring me some! I'm in the east bat -- around 20 miles from San Francisco.
  • 16:17:37: RT @carlbrandon: WisCon34 GoHs @Nnedi & @mamohanraj have both contributed items to the Con or Bust auction: #conorbust
  • 16:42:08: Women over 40: when was your last mammogram? Are you checking your breasts every month? Love your boobs by taking care of them.
  • 16:49:15: Mark Twain and Nikola Tesla: Shiny minds, Victorian mustaches, close friends.
  • 16:57:09: @spiderdust The program has been cut back. You have to be 50+, and no more women can be added until 7/1.
  • 17:00:16: The secret message in those unreadable documents your bank sends you.
  • 17:11:47: @spiderdust I couldn't find anything, but you might check with the AmCancerSociety or the Breast Cancer Society.
  • 18:37:22: Hiding out in my room with my inhaler and the HEPA air filter turned up high. The cleaners are here with their volatile compounds.
  • 18:41:58: @Tuwanda Wonderful!
  • 18:53:06: @writeforwhiskey Enlighten my ignorance. What are PRT/TDS/TCR/AC360/Ctndwn/TRMS?
  • 19:15:13: @writeforwhiskey That explains it. I rarely watch any TV. The World Series is about it.
  • 21:14:44: RT @allocthonous: More potential Haitis: map of urban areas where seismic risk meets poor building standards
  • 21:20:21: RT @ccfinlay: "@NathanFillion So many folks have Olympic Fever. I'm just glad it's not Olympic Herpes." It's five overlapping cold sores...
  • 22:36:40: RT @ebertchicago: How many Presidents have needed a teleprompter less than Obama? How many ex-governors have needed one more than Palin?
  • 22:40:42: Books are my security blanket, my cherished companions, my teachers. Just having my books around me makes me feel better.
  • 22:43:39: @jaxbchgirl521 You're in the room for contradictions. Arguments are down the hall.

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