Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

From Twitter 03-17-2010

  • 01:10:22: I'm home. safe, tucked in bed after picking up @abostick59 at the airport. Time to sleep.
  • 08:45:45: RT @Scripps_Ocean: Follow Scripps scientists this week as they map the Chile earthquake rupture site on the seafloor
  • 08:54:32: The study that launched @USGSted, which uses Twitter to track earthquakes. I love crowdsourced science.
  • 09:01:18: RT @Quiara: the Facebook Haggadah [service book for Passover seder]. NEXT YEAR ON TWITTER!
  • 09:45:16: Here's a video from @HODRopsIN about Project Leogane, where @abostick59 was volunteering.
  • 09:50:07: And for those who want more detail or prefer text, here's the @HODRopsIN 30-day report on Project Leogane.
  • 10:02:56: @whittles Biscuits is a good local chain of breakfast places. Also, POWELLS!!!!!
  • 10:39:07: @Tuwanda I'm so sorry -- I hope he heals rapidly and completely.
  • 14:32:27: @wshaffer74 The Technobabble Compensator would make a great blog title.
  • 14:47:38: @mactavish Last I checked, the Middle East was *in* Asia. At least the bits that weren't in Africa.
  • 14:50:24: Oh yes. A redwood forest, or gorgeous mixed hardwoods. RT @popelizbet: RT @nueva_voz: Everybody should have a forest to run to.

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