Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

From Twitter 03-18-2010

  • 10:25:25: If it's me: lost, as usual. RT @Lynn4MK: Saw this bumper sticker: I took the road less traveled. Now where the hell am I?
  • 10:38:06: RT @bindr: [Will need to see data validating that] RT @rands: How to piss an engineer off: make it arbitrary.
  • 10:41:46: RT @marnanel: OKCupid In History:
  • 13:01:24: Not just a fable: crows use tools to get tasty tasty worms.
  • 14:41:29: @CalFireNews God, sounds like a horrible accident. My prayers for his quick healing. And test for narcolepsy.
  • 14:48:42: Hey, @marnanel! A 19th-cent Welsh dictionary of English shows English words spelled as in Welsh. Via @LuxMentis
  • 20:23:32: Trolling for clients maybe. RT @identityTBD RT @shannatrenholm: comic sans is not a font that should be used by a mental health professional
  • 20:27:44: RT @jvondeling: "Trauma Stewardship" helps relief workers in Haiti:
  • 21:29:43: That's why we're so much fun to have around! RT @AdviceToWriters: Rage is to writers what water is to fish. NIKKI GIOVANNI
  • 21:31:19: And Red-Hots. RT @densaer: With news that sugar-pill placebos more effective than many drugs, considering upping dosage of M&Ms.
  • 21:32:38: @mactavish You mean like willow bark/aspirin, foxglove/digitalis, and other herbal treatments?

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