Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

From Twitter 03-23-2010

  • 00:26:46: Pete Rose is emceeing the WWE wrestling match that my housemate is watching. Charlie Hustle looks bad these days.
  • 01:44:19: @rone He never was pretty, but he didn't look like a zombie that's had too many facelifts.
  • 10:22:30: Hey, @sarahdopp! RT @writeforwhiskey: I think I have found my perfect website
  • 10:37:38: RT @lysana: Admittedly inspired by both myself and others I know/have known: When all you see is shit, your head is up your ass.
  • 10:41:39: @the_red_shoes Depends. What's the body count in the true crime? How incestuous were Christina and Dante? Does it have Emily's bread recipe?
  • 14:10:26: @whittles Maybe it's not just the smoke but an allergy to what was burned. Either way, may you breathe freely soon.
  • 14:14:09: Best news today. RT @catvalente: And the answer is, yes, I'm writing a vampire book to answer all these issues with awesome.
  • 15:43:23: @whittles Allergy sufferers need to watch out for each other. I'm pretty sure last month's anaphylaxis was caused by burning fennel.
  • 15:52:56: Happy Passover! The robot seder video from an Israeli university.
  • 16:41:58: The most inappropriate vanity plates of all time.

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