Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

From Twitter 03-26-2010

  • 09:20:18: RT @popelizbet: "When satire is aimed at the powerless, it is not only cruel -- it's vulgar." -Molly Ivins #qft
  • 09:22:52: RT @clubhousesf: If you`re going to tell people the truth, be funny or they`ll kill you. Billy Wilder
  • 10:20:15: RT @kshandra: EPIC. WIN. RT @MythBusters: RT @grantimahara: Happy Friday! @andriijas made Jamie his own emoticon LOL: :€
  • 11:05:51: RT @alaindebotton Our moods are so unstable because we are only chemicals in a saline solution - not entries in a ledger or words in a book.
  • 17:07:01: Strongly recommended: Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder. The story of Dr. Paul Farmer and his work for the poor in Haiti. Inspiring
  • 22:52:41: What does the damage: childhood obesity or campaigns against it?

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