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From Twitter 04-10-2010

  • 02:04:29: My condolences to the people of Poland for the loss of their president Lech Kaczyński and first lady in a plane crash.
  • 02:07:09: RT @popelizbet: RT @hotsinglestud69: Twitter deleted/blocked #nogod as a trending topic when it was listed, but #itaintrape is all good?
  • 02:10:16: RT @popelizbet: I'll lighten up about #itaintrape when we don't tacitly or overtly condone it as a tool of censure, punishment & control.
  • 02:11:47: PT @seismogenic: "You won't get zombies in Gilroy because there's so much garlic." "No, that's vampires, not zombies." "...damn."
  • 02:19:11: Best of all ghost stories. Better than Turn of the Screw. RT @popelizbet: THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE. How *dare* you. #nerdrage
  • 03:03:40: Just took "Which Crazy Writer Are You?" and got: F. Scott Fitzgerald! Try it ➔
  • 03:48:46: All 29 are dead. One left a note for his family - before he went to work that day.
  • 18:01:06: In the Temple of the Marshmallow Kings.
  • 18:01:30: @Medancer If it's the version in B&W, yes, that's the first.
  • 18:02:07: @Medancer Oh, and the film of Turn of the Screw is called The Innocents.

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