Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

From Twitter 04-26-2010

  • 00:25:11: @Quiara Sounds like me. I'm optimized for a different planet.
  • 12:10:57: Lots of cop cars have blocked Grove Way in Castro Valley between Bedford and Gail. Doesn't look like a car accident or fire. All ok at home.
  • 12:12:17: RT @TheGodLight: If we could learn to like ourselves, even a little, maybe our cruelties & angers might melt away: John Steinbeck
  • 12:24:46: Facebook even less private than you thought yesterday.
  • 12:31:32: @angevin2 Soon you will be DOCTOR Angevin!
  • 12:49:42: Enjoy! RT @stevenberkowitz: Dear Gift Horse, I'm a huge fan and I have no interest in your dental work. Thanks for today. Much love, Me.
  • 13:00:40: RT @ChrisDeLeon: When those that can do it well don't do it, because they can't do it perfectly, those that can't do it well do it instead.
  • 13:03:28: Exciting new cover designs for George W. Bush's memoir:
  • 18:19:27: Celebrate your birthday in tentacular style with a giant octopus cake.
  • 18:33:50: @Mjausson OK, that's brilliant.
  • 19:00:20: RT @ebertchicago: Idea for Arizona: Just have them wear a cloth star, easily visible on their topmost outer garment.
  • 19:07:31: A free, online speculative fiction writing convention is being held through May at
  • 21:15:06: Casting out the Miccrosoft demons.
  • 22:56:55: Wow, gorgeous 6-issue comics adaptation of The Last Unicorn with special features.
  • 23:27:52: @mactavish You are not alone.

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