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Chat Clients for Windows 7

My friends, you are a fount of wisdom and practical information. So perhaps you can help me find a decent chat client for Windows 7.

I like Pidgin. I spent quite a bit of time setting up Pidgin with all the various accounts I use. Unfortunately, for some reason it crashes whenever the computer goes to sleep -- or to be more accurate, when I wake it from sleep.

So I tried Trillian. For about 24 hours. I redid all the setup work for my various accounts, plus I spent a lot of extra time trying to discover how to upload icons. (Hint: Trillian calls them avatars.) Also, wondering whether profile information available for the main "Astra" account is visible from the sub-accounts, and if the icon/avatar chosen for one account is used for all. The Help system is available only for paid accounts, and the website is ugly and not terribly helpful.

I spent much of today AFK, though I did check email in the morning, and I had Trillian on briefly then. I'd already discovered that it's difficult to get the main window back if you've just clicked the X in the window. You haven't quit, apparently, but you also can't summon the wretched thing back. So I formally exited the program.

Apparently that didn't log me off, however. Trillian was showing me as available on AIM and Googletalk -- something that confused both my partners to the extent of calling to see if I was OK, since I was apparently ignoring their attempts to talk with me. (And in one case, that was a very unusual reaction.)

The program was not on -- I had deliberately *exited*. In the afternoon, I was working at a coffeeshop with wifi, but I never launched Trillian or logged on to the Internet. I didn't have any browser on at all. Nevertheless, the program made me seem like I was ignoring my friends.

Not acceptable.

I miss Adium and my Mac. Is there anything comparable out there?
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