Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

From Twitter 07-06-2010

  • 13:07:21: Somehow I thought the Avenue of the Giants would be about 100 feet long. Try 32 MILES. Redwood forests are sublime in the Kantian sense.
  • 13:48:40: Excellent lunch at the Eel River Cafe in Garberville. We might come home tonight. Alan can stay over with me and return the car tomorrow.
  • 18:00:33: Just had a near-allergy experience at Peppers restaurant in Petaluma. Even my 2d caesar salad had parsley. They wanted us to pay for it but
  • 18:02:32: I was adamant and very angry. Finally they gave in. We are NOT going back.
  • 18:27:01: Have crossed the Richmond - San Rafael bridge. Home by 7.

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