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Thankful Thursday, New England Edition

Things for which I am deeply grateful:

1. The miracles of modern technology got me safely across the continent and entertained me while I traveled. Technology let me stay in touch with friends and family during layovers, not to mention crossing mountain ranges, deserts, rivers, and cities while sitting at ease in a chair listening to music on my iPod and playing backgammon on my PDA. So what if I couldn't sleep? Ask the members of the Donner party if they would rather journey the old-fashioned way or suffer the wretched inconvenience of being awakened in the wee hours by the flight attendants asking if they want a cookie.

2. Today I am not on an airplane or in an airport. This is a joy I will savor daily, at least until the day I leave -- when I'll be duly grateful for planes again. On my epic cross-continent journey and then waiting for Alan, I spent 27 sleepless hours in planes and airports. If you ever hear me complaining about anything ever again, remind me that it would be worse if it were happening on an airplane or in an airport. In crises and rough times, I still take comfort in the absence of my ex-husband and his family. Now I will take comfort in the lack of uncomfortable seats, jammed airplanes, stale recycled air, overpriced food, and too damned many people, few of which would actually help in a crisis.

3. Time with Alan. I love being with him, and he was incredibly sweet and patient with me yesterday, when I got into the rental car and passed out for almost all of the 300 miles from Syracuse to New London. We'll be together until Monday.

4. After an appalling hot summer, the weather here is now pleasantly seasonal. (Though still too humid for my hypersensitive Californian self.) Back home the Bay Area is broiling in the 90s. It could so easily have been the other way around -- ungodly heat in Callifornia until I left, a heat wave in the east as I arrived.

5. It's so green here! Thousands of shades of green in grass and leaves, mostly not the olive and blackish-green shades favored by sun-blasted western trees.

6. My big sister and I had lunch yesterday. That's wonderful enough, but she also gave me Beyond Heaving Bosoms, a book by the Smart Bitches for my birthday. Hilarious and smart.

7. Richard Shindell is on my iTunes.

What's up with you?
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