Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

From Twitter 09-10-2010

  • 14:14:00: Shakespeare's Who's on First? Splendid. #Baseball plus the Bard.
  • 14:16:01: The gas main explosion was a magnitude 1.3. #sanbrunofire via @mactavish
  • 14:19:14: Celebrate with vodka. RT @the_red_shoes: Happy birthday to HD and Tolstoy!
  • 14:21:32: Why I love him. RT @txtriffidranch: For the record, I never defenestrated any of those people. I just threw them through the window.
  • 16:02:16: RT @mactavish: The #SFGiants will dedicate 9/14's game to the victims of the San Bruno fire. $3 of every ticket goes toward relief.
  • 20:07:45: RT @Justin_Stangel: Rev. Terry Jones, who planned to burn a Quran, is coming to NY. The way the Mets have played, he plans to burn Citifield
  • 21:28:40: Pine air freshener! RT @Mjausson: Chap stick? Tissues? RT @wilw: You'll find one in every car ... you'll see. #repomanalwaysintense

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