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15 Movie Meme

The rules: Don't take too long to think about it. Fifteen films you've seen that will always stick with you. List the first fifteen you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes. Tag fifteen friends, including me, because I'm interested in seeing what films my friends choose. Or not.

1. Days of Heaven. Possibly the most beautiful movie ever filmed.

2. The Wizard of Oz. Watching it was an annual event with my sisters.

3-4. The Godfather I and II. I was afraid these films would be too violent, so I didn't see them for 20 years or more after they came out. Then I was flicking through cable channels and was caught spellbound by the first one. They've since become favorites.

5. Fantasia. So beautiful on so many levels. Yes, I am a sucker for a pretty picture.

6. Shakespeare in Love. Everything a movie should be.

7. Tootsie. Still one of the greatest comedies ever made.

8. Ghostbusters. Went to see it with Billy when we were dating. It wasn't my kind of movie. Then I started laughing and I've loved it ever since. Also I've learned to love that kind of movie.

9. Picnic at Hanging Rock. Haunting, delicate, terrifying.

10. Repo Man. Just about the opposite of Picnic at Hanging Rock in tone, mood, style, and effect, but how can I forget a movie that has given me so many great lines? "I showed them. I got a lobotomy."

11. Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? A movie I caught in snatches. The suspense was so terrible I couldn't bear to watch it, so I kept changing channels. But then I'd come back to see what was happening.

12. Witness. I saw it when I was living in Connecticut., Made me so homesick for PA I cried.

13. Mrs. Soffel. Diane Keaton as a prison warden's wife; Mel Gibson as the prisoner she runs away with. A true story filmed with power and poetry and terrible pain.

14. The African Queen. Saw it on a first date which led to a memorable romance and a lifelong friendship. Also, it's wonderful.

15. Danton. Saw it once in the theater and have never seen it again. Gerard Depardieu in the Reign of Terror. Extraordinary.

Search your iTunes meme

Type these words into your iTunes library and list the first song in which the word appears in the title:

Happy : "Welcome, Happy Morning" Christmastide Musicians from Steeple On The Common (a collection of old New England hymns played on traditional instruments)

Love : "Lay All Your Love On Me" ABBA Gold

Hate : "Hate This Place" Goo Goo Dolls Dizzy Up The Girl

Light : "I Saw The Light" Bill Anderson How Great Thou Art

Dark : "Dark Circles" Béla Fleck The Bluegrass Sessions: Tales From The Acoustic Planet Vol Ume II

Good : "A Good Man Is Hard To Find" Bessie Smith Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues: Bessie Smith

Bad : "Badlands" Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band Live in New York City CD1

Smile : "Smile" Nat King Cole The Greatest Hits

Cry : "The Sky Is Crying" Eric Clapton Crossroads [Disc 3]

Girl : "Girlfriend" Alicia Keys Songs In A Minor

Boy : "The Boy Feels Strange" Melissa Etheridge Never Enough

Sad : "Sad Mood" Sam Cooke Greatest Hits

Lost : "I Have Lost My Dreams" Dar Williams The Beauty Of The Rain

Home : "Ain't Nobody Home" Bonnie Raitt Streetlights

Sun : "Ain't No Sunshine" Michael Jackson Best Of Motown II [Disc 1]

Rain : "Mandolin Rain" Bruce Hornsby and the Range The Way It Is

Snow : "A Snowflake Fell (And It Felt Like a Kiss)" Glasvegas iTunes Holiday Sampler

Death: "Wall Of Death" Richard & Linda Thompson Shoot Out The Lights

Life: "Bring Me To Life" Evanescence Fallen

And, because I love classical music:

Allegro : "Bach: Harpsichord Concerto In D Minor, BWV 1059 - 1. Allegro" James Galway: I Solisti Di Zagreb, Bach: Concerto In D, Trio Sonatas #2 & 4, Orchestral Suite #2

Andante : "String Quintet in C, D.956 - 3. Scherzo (Presto) - Trio (Andante sostenuto)" Emerson String Quartet, Schubert: String Quintet In C Major D.956, Op. Posth. 163

Presto : "II. Molto vivace - Presto" The Academy Of Ancient Music Symphony No. 9 in D minor, op. 125

Sonata : "Sonata pour flûte et piano ; Rondo finale" Maurice Heugen Flute Music by Swiss Composers

Quartet : "String Quartet No. 2, op.17, Sz.67 / III. Lento" Quatuor Végh Bartók - Complete String Quartets - Disc 1

Concerto : "Concerto in D for Harpsichord, S.1052 II. Adagio" Orchestra of St. Luke’s Bach, Four Concerti for Various Instruments

Kyrie :"Victoria: Missa O Magnum Mysterium - 1. Kyrie" David Hill: Westminster Cathedral Choir Victoria: O Magnum Mysterium; Ascendens Christus In Altum

Overture : "Pulcinella(v.1947): Overture" Claudio Abbado; London Symphony Orchestra Stravinsky: Petrouchka. Pulcinella
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