Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

A Christian Prayer for National Coming-Out Day

Written by Mary Ann Dimond, an ordained minister and much-loved friend.

Dear God, there are times when I feel so scared that I fear paralysis—and all I can think to do is go scare someone else. Help to heal my fear, protecting God, and to remove what frightens me from my life, even as I don’t really want to be ...a terror to others.

Tender God, there are times when I feel unwanted and repulsive, and try to push that feeling away by ridiculing others, by making them know that they’re even more outside love than I am. Surround me with your love, Lord, and make me so secure that I can cherish all your children as I know myself cherished.
Powerful God, there are times when I am so small and weak in my world that I try to feel mighty by crushing others. Brace me to be so strong that I know I need to be gentle, that I know that my gentleness has the clout to bring small beginnings into robust, fragrant flower.

Beloved Lord, maker of a Kingdom where everyone has place and worth, ruler of a realm that we can make with your help-- my sisters and my brothers and I live in a world where we call each other monsters when we feel most monstrous. Be the light in my heart that lets me know, lets everyone know, that we are radiant with your love, shining with your son Jesus, and always, each of us, at home in your heart.

Tags: christianity, lgbt, national coming-out day
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