Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

From Twitter 11-01-2010

  • 16:03:20: Redneck Mommy says: My son has a superpower.
  • 16:18:41: Thankful for the emotional and physical strength to clear out my storage space. #30daysofgratitude
  • 18:14:45: Nice tight pitchers' duel tonight.
  • 18:45:10: 3-Run homer from Renteria!
  • 18:58:21: RT @pourmecoffee: For young first-time voters, it's similar to clicking "Like" button but with limited choices you don't actually like.
  • 19:30:00: Just one more strike.
  • 19:31:08: First time since 1954, the Giants are world champions!
  • 19:43:41: Now that I can breathe again: Thank you, Giants. You atoned for beating my Phillies by beating Texas. Rangers, you played well.
  • 19:46:19: PT @emergency_in_sf: NOT emergency. But be advised estimated 10k people wearing orange in Civic Center apparently happy about something
  • 19:58:30: @fungible Nope. Phillies were the last of the original teams to win a Series.
  • 19:59:52: I've heard the Yankees want him. He pitched like a demon. RT @adamantfire: Now where will Cliff Lee go, I wonder.
  • 20:38:22: @fungible Interesting quibble--I mean technical question. By your definition you're correct.
  • 21:04:31: @fungible Texas? Never. Fourth-generation Phillies fan.

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