Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

From Twitter 11-04-2010

  • 00:12:42: Wednesday's gratitude (a few minutes late): the advances in science and medicine that make our lives so much better.
  • 00:13:49: The thankfulness for medicine is part of #30daysofgratitude. And it's especially for my brother-in-law, about to undergo eye surgery.
  • 00:17:44: Judith Griggs of "Cooks Source" magazine stole an article off the web and claimed "the web is 'public domain.'"
  • 00:19:05: The previous tweet was suggested by a tweet by @abostick59. All rights reserved. I actually footnote my conversations.
  • 09:41:41: WRONG! RT @cookssource: The Internet obviously doesn't know anything about copyright law. #epicfail
  • 09:42:21: @librarydebster That's what this editor thinks - but she can't even spell Housatonic.
  • 09:44:29: Sorry about that, folks. RT @abostick59: oops, "@cooksource" is a fake Twitter account.
  • 09:54:03: RT @grimalkinrn: My husband told me that he thought Boehner's name WAS "Boner" and do we have to pronounce it correctly. #gottalovethatman
  • 09:55:41: @catvalente Unless they steal articles off the Internet and then claim it's all public domain.
  • 11:01:50: The Smartbitches on Judith Griggs and plagiarizing from the Internet.
  • 13:33:42: Looking at day planners in Office Depot. Current earworm: Talking Heads singing What good are notebooks? They won't help you survive.
  • 15:21:48: I just tried to sit down on my black desk chair. Luckily it slid away from me. My black cat was lying in it.
  • 15:24:26: Your fiance is a jerk. College will make things much better. Get some therapy and never stop exercising. #tweetyour16yearoldself
  • 15:30:19: @abostick59 Because college was the best way out of a dangerous culture and an abusive home for a kid without money or friends.
  • 17:49:48: Tonight's dinner: roasted veggies and basmati rice. Good, though the veggies are a bit scorched.
  • 18:23:37: Spectacular sunset over San Francisco Bay.
  • 19:46:47: .@perrykid Cauliflower, carrots, purple onions, and a few strategically placed cloves of garlic, plus some herbs.
  • 20:33:28: Here's a photo of last night's San Francisco sunset:
  • 21:19:19: @dangerpudding I believe the heated mattress pad is the acme of civilization.
  • 21:21:48: @therinth Are you campaigning for Neil Diamond to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?
  • 21:23:12: @joedecker Sickening.
  • 21:35:11: Textbook case on rampant ego. RT @tinytempest: Cooks Source responds to the controversy. I don't think they get it...
  • 21:45:07: Even when not documenting vaporware. RT @ealasaid: My response: Tech writers ARE WRITERS. #kthxbai

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