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Notes from Underground: 2010 in Review (part 1)

The year in posts.

I'm skipping Twittinesis posts, links, quotes, memes, poems, etc. Also friendslocked posts. Sue me.

January: Two bookcases!
February: I've been thinking lately about ambitions, goals, and dreams. (A truly fabulous poll. Take it, if you haven't yet.)
March: Dear Jim Bunning, Steve Carlton was not only a greater pitcher than you, he is a better human being.
April: All month I'll be posting a poem a day.
May: Richard Adams, creator of Watership Down, turned 90 today.
June: My friends, you are a fount of wisdom and practical information.
July: I'm back from Ashland and still reeling from seeing my first-ever production of Hamlet.
August: My trip east this time seems as complicated as an invasion of Europe and about as lengthy.
September: The Ultimate Burger (Another fine poll.)
October: A Public Service Announcement: If I tell the truth about my desires, will the therapist despise me?
November: Did you remember to fall back?
December: Bay Area Locals: Before I Freecycle or Put on Craigslist...Anybody want these? Free or really cheap.

25 achievements of 2010

1. I survived. This is more of an accomplishment than it sounds like.
2. Found some new sources of freelance work.
3. Got moved into the house (also a miracle, given that my movers didn't show up) and also moved out of the apartment.
4. Sorted through enough stuff in my storage unit to be able to downsize into one much smaller.
5. Kept on keeping on with the sorting, selling, and unpacking process at home, too.
6. Signed a new book contract. (Second year in a row! That hasn't happened since the 1980s.)
7. Helped two other friends get contracts with the same publisher.
8. Designed my sister's work website and got it running.
9. Trained a dragon -- Dragon Naturally Speaking,
10. Won NaNoWriMo (with 53K spoken words).
11. Got a diagnosis for a condition that has been bothering me my whole life and started with meds. (You didn't miss any posts about this. I'm still pondering it, so I haven't posted.)
12. Wrote pretty much everything on the FOGcon website, which I also maintained.
13. Made a Privilege-Denying Girl that was posted to the site.
14. Faced a stark, immediate moral dilemma, with no warning, and did the right thing even though I thought my action might destroy something I hold very dear. (It didn't, but it has not been easy, either, for other reasons.)
15. Wrote a few good light pieces for the LJ/DW. I particularly like The Interpretation of Eggs.
16. Got a couple of stories written for the new collection (under another name).
17. Lived through an anaphylactic reaction despite having dealt with it badly. More important, I revised my internal checklist for dealing with reactions, so I wouldn't get caught again.
18. Did very successful research, including re-enacting a mysterious historical event -- and proved that my theory was at least supported by (if not proved absolutely by) the facts shown in re-enactment. (This may have been the high point of my year.)
19. Found courage to meet an old friend again -- someone who had last seen me when I weighed about 35% of my current weight.
20. Made contact with a few more old friends via email.
21. Sought and found the perfect gifts for several people -- more meaningful because my funds were so limited.
22. Took good enough care of my ruptured tendon that it actually started healing. (This is much bigger than you think.)
23. Also figured out and corrected the source of the anosmia.
24. Drove 900+ miles with my pinky sticking out (splinted).
25. Helped someone close to me through a major crisis (not that it's over yet).
And despite everything, managed to find joy, fulfillment, and pleasure more days than not.

Where I Slept

At home in the East Bay
Ashland, OR
Eureka, CA
Not enough, alas, in various airplanes
Most of the way between Syracuse, NY, and New London, CT
New London, CT
Ithaca, NY
Wellsboro, PA
Syracuse, NY
San Francisco, CA
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