Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

From Twitter 01-28-2011

  • 02:09:20: Or White Women's Tears RT @whump: "Lady Antebellum," because naming your country band "We Love Slavery" is a little obvious.
  • 08:19:45: RT @markgonzalesis: Dear World: When govts shut down internet, its not to just silence the tweets, but to silence the screams. #Egypt
  • 10:47:52: RT @jastrzebskij: The Revolution IS being televised... By Al Jazeera! #Egypt
  • 10:52:24: Black hole? RT @disorderly: Line at post office sets new record for slow. Is time actually moving backward?
  • 13:48:49: @bunnywunny Sending love to Amy and you.
  • 13:52:28: Time for plagues? parting of the sea? hairballs on your toothbrush? RT @sovereignhope: I predict a disaster of biblical proportions.
  • 14:59:08: RT @mcsweeneys: Why Texting Failed Among the Victorians.
  • 15:22:26: The Unnatural History of Dragons - a report on a scholarly article from the Philadelphia Art Museum
  • 16:13:16: My keyboard sits directly on the kitty highwayvcgty8vdryrssew
  • 16:47:12: Happy new year text message detonates Russian suicide bomber early.
  • 17:00:22: Baking and geology, perfect together: @erraticsblog on bubbles in bread and volcanic bombs Via @allochthonous
  • 18:09:07: RT @fogconvention: Today we honor the brave astronauts who died on Apollo 1, the Challenger, and Columbia. #NASA
  • 19:30:30: When "neurons resembled delinquent Facebookers": out-of-context science sentences.

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