Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

From Twitter 02-28-2011

  • 12:01:48: #myidealtombstone Look at the light on the leaves!
  • 12:01:58: RT @mcmoots: Who was the jerk who decided to replace all help files & text instructions with "help videos"? YOU CAN'T SKIM A VIDEO. JERK.
  • 12:06:34: @asfrankl @meaplet The Marquis de Sade came up in every lit crit class I had in grad school, but he wasn't on thesyllabus either.
  • 12:10:12: Have you seen the picture of him harnessed to a cart with Lou Andreas-Salome holding a whip? RT @asfrankl: I think I kind of love Nietzsche.
  • 13:03:23: Hey, @asfrankl: RT @mslorelei: Lou Andreas-Salome takes a whip to #Nietzsche
  • 13:10:58: RT @grammarhulk: "The wedding ring is a symbol of immoral love." HULK SMASH SPELLCHECK AND ALL ERRORS IT MISSES! #AMEDITING
  • 15:00:11: RT @fogconvention: Friday night at #FOGcon: free food and a chance to wear your finery at the Lift-off Party.
  • 23:14:40: I loathe Help videos. Give me words, dammit. RT @the_red_shoes: ooooooooomg hate hate HATE help "videos," SFM. I blame it on Google.
  • 23:15:09: @the_red_shoes You know who @MsLorelei is, don't you?

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