Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

From Twitter 04-08-2011

  • 14:14:28: RT @SharkFu: There is no federal funding for abortion. Might as well hold up the budget over federal funding for unicorn farms. #trifling
  • 15:43:34: RT @arthurwyatt: Ring of Tire #changeonelettersongs
  • 15:52:20: RT @billmaher: Tina Fey, 5 months pregnant at 40 not showing &no one knew - boy, when she does a Sarah Palin impression, she really commits!
  • 16:12:34: RT @tlrd: Mastermind of National Organization for Marriage Bus Tour Resigns from NOM, Comes out for Marriage Equality
  • 16:37:52: RT @tenacious_snail: Are you saying other people are offending you by thinking I’m attractive? Courtesy of
  • 16:38:31: @debbieg Oh, lovely. The first flowers of spring mean so much.
  • 16:42:09: Oooh, kittens! RT @hobbinator: I can haz kittens!
  • 16:51:55: @queue42 I had to laugh. She actually thinks queer folk are MORE likely to trash apartments. She doesn't even know the stereotypes.
  • 16:52:42: @queue42 Of course, I laughed while cursing and raging. Because this discrimination is serious and damaging.
  • 20:25:12: At a play. Driven out in the first second. They lit a fake cigarette on stage. I was 3 ft away and got a deep whiff of burning talcum powder

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