Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

From Twitter 04-14-2011

  • 13:04:40: @asfrankl Happy birthday, and I hope you have a year of healing, friendship, and productive work.
  • 13:09:15: The new minimum daily requirements. Via @ealasaid
  • 13:11:16: @karnythia My aunt used to be a minor character on AMC; the head writer was a family friend. Thus our surname became a trendy first name.
  • 13:17:26: RT @hobbinator: We get wild turkeys here daily, but I'd never seen a white one. In full display! #SFbayarea
  • 13:24:33: .@karnythia Because black people supporting black candidates counts as ganging up on the poor innocent helpless white people.
  • 13:26:35: RT @lizhenry: Please donate to help the 11 year old in Texas who was gang raped.
  • 13:29:02: @bunnywunny WTF? Is that really Hallmark's official holiday for today? URL says "escaped fragment"
  • 13:32:22: Not always easy RT @ealasaid: RT @simonsinek Communication is not about saying what you think. It's about ensuring others hear what you mean
  • 22:12:11: Are you over 18 and a picky eater with no food allergies? Duke University wants you to fill out a survey.

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