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From Twitter 04-25-2011

  • 03:59:41: Traumatic play: very common for kids with PTSD. RT @belovedsnail: Photos of children acting out public tragedies:
  • 10:33:06: Inadequate? Incompetent? Unworkable? RT @oaknfell: It's insulting to say "lame" so now I don't. But no other word means quite the same thing
  • 10:42:53: @oaknfell Gullible, naive, overeager, panting....
  • 10:51:40: @abostick59 You have wisdom! and a vocabulary!
  • 16:44:07: The last typewriter factory on earth is shutting down.
  • 16:47:27: .@ealasaid @abostich59 suggested pathetic, which shows we have as much contempt for people in emotional pain as physical.
  • 17:24:26: Our own @ebertchicago finally wins the New Yorker caption contest. See the winner and other submissions
  • 17:33:33: @maryanndimand Me too. I wish they were a tad more daring.
  • 17:39:51: RT @mjausson: Half Moon Bay RT @abc7newsBayArea: Highway 92 closed between Main and Skyline due to gas main break at approx. 4:15 p.m.
  • 17:47:59: RT @mjausson: RT @abc7newsBayArea: UPDATE: Highway 92 has re-opened, PG&E has found source of gas leak, capped it. Expect traffic delays.
  • 17:48:44: Oh, good job! RT @lizhenry: Milo just yelled "Let her eat! Sexists!!" at the male ducks harassing the mom duck and lone duckling.
  • 19:58:59: RT @mslorelei: How to run America like a business. Freaking brilliant satire.

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