Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

Looking for Work, Asking for Help

For most of this year I've had work. Part-time temporary work, but it was emotionally rewarding and gave me some income. I was a respite caregiver for a man with terminal brain cancer -- and someday, when I have processed that, I may write a little about what that time meant to me.

After he died, I was hired as a temp by a San Francisco publishing company to do a permissions audit and then to sort out 40 years' worth of files before the company moved its offices. It was heavenly to be back in publishing, even in such a peripheral position. I felt strong and useful. I was accomplishing something that could be measured. The full-time employees appreciated me, since I was doing work that they would otherwise have had to deal with.

Well, that ended. I finished the job. And I am still unavailingly looking for work.

Meanwhile, my car needed a new timing belt -- a huge expense. I saved up for it and borrowed some, but on Halloween, I proudly paid for $1200+ worth of work.

Then the service engine light came on again. This time it was a solenoid in the back of the transmission -- a long job that required the mechanic to move a lot of other parts out of the way. Grand total, after tax: $1422.24. I talked to people I trust about options. And getting the car fixed won out by a slim margin.

My chosen family have been supporting me these last few years. Can you help, too?

If you can donate a little, thank you. If you can't, I understand.

And in any case: I am looking for work. I can clear out your files, run errands, edit text, write anything, run a horoscope, and bake bread. I'm sure I can do a lot of other things, too, but those come to mind at the moment.

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