Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

Free Corner Desk


The desk is gone, but the chair is still available.

Is this desk your secret desire?

An L-shaped desk for your office, garage, or great room -- one with plenty of surface room for your computer, monitor, printer, stacks of books, in trays, out trays, a sewing machine, and several cats, all at the same time.

A desk where several people can work at once without rubbing elbows.

A desk in handsome oak or oaklike substance.

A desk with no distracting hutches, but a variety of drawers.

A desk with a handy keyboard tray.

A desk that could easily fit sleekly into your dining room, with its extensions serving as sideboards for those special buffet suppers.

Now is your chance. I have available a 42"x42" corner desk with an 84" left extension and an 80" right extension. Yes, that means it's about 10.5 feet total per side. Yet it's slender -- the side extensions are a slim 24 inches deep.

The left extension has three drawers underneath. The right extension has five file drawers and two shallow drawers.

All the pieces can fit into an SUV or regular pickup truck. However, the desk is heavy and it takes at least 2 strong people to move it. You need to provide the strong people.

I got this desk via Freecycle several years ago. I'd be happy to send it home with someone as a very special holiday gift. I'd be really happy if it could be gone before New Year's Day.

Also, I have an antique wooden swivel chair in need of refinishing but in good working order. Take that, too!

You pick up in beautiful Castro Valley, CA. No, we cannot stick a stamp on it and put it in the mail.

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