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Devices and Desires

Executive summary: I am still alive. Older, but alive and learning. Also, I got tech toys.

My birthday was August 7, and it was overwhelming.

The night before my birthday, I was reminded that having spent 2 years with Credo Mobile, I could now replace my phone for free. With a Samsung Galaxy S III. For free. I jumped at the chance. A new Android! With 3 months of free data! And a generous birthday gift of even more free data time from my dear [personal profile] wild_irises.

In addition to delivering a parade of small and medium gifts (chocolate! sundresses! a new chain for my reading glasses!) delivered daily from Saturday to Wednesday, my lovely [personal profile] gramina and [personal profile] housepet also got me a much-needed new Windows 8 laptop -- the entry-level Samsung. This Mac is 6 years old, came to me used, and is showing signs of age. Also, it holds all my Adobe software -- stuff I could not hope to replace. Now it can stay home instead of getting shoved into my backpack and hauled around all the time.

This generosity left me completely flabbergasted. As soon as the flabbergasm was over, I started learning to navigate Windows 8. (Hint: You don't actually have to put up with Windows 8. You can get a program that will convert the interface into something closer to Windows 7.) I've also been pumping files, software, and personalizations into the thing. I'm still burning backups onto DVD-r disks and I was thrilled to install a Github client, since that's one of the issues I've been having. I'm working on making the FOGcon site more smartphone-friendly, and Github was essential.

As soon as I'd started to get used to the laptop, the new phone came. Great interface. One of the best-designed pieces of tech I've ever used, although I still don't always know why it's whistling at me.

Did I mention that I've also been making major changes to various FOGcon technologies? And tightening security on all the Wordpress sites I manage?

Although all these lovely devices are fun toys, I'm more than ready to focus not on interfaces, software, security, and files, but on actually using the devices to do work. Writing. Editing. Posting.

Unfortunately, I can't really focus on that until (A) the devices are up to speed, (B) a bunch of offline projects are dealt with, and (C) I can play music on my devices. (No music, no writing.)

So now I appeal to you, my friends. I've been told that iTunes doesn't work on Windows 8, and using iTunes with the Samsung phone is dicey. I've been thinking of changing from iTunes anyway. What's the best free or very cheap music-playing app that's compatible for both Windows and Android?

Also, what Android apps light up your life?

And how can I get the games package of Windows 7 installed on a Windows 8 computer? I do not want to play games over the internet with actual people. I want to play games against the computer. Specifically, I want to play Spider Solitaire, Mah Jongg, and the other familiar games.

Finally, how are you doing? I've missed you.

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