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Shakespeare, David Tennant, and You

David Tennant is doing Richard II in Stratford-on-Avon right now; he's taking the show to London later. And there will be a live broadcast to selected cinemas on various dates in early December.

Bay Area peeps, I'd love to get together a lot of people to go and possibly have dinner beforehand/dessert and discussion after. So far the closest theater to us is in San Rafael, but I've signed up for news, and a venue somewhere in SF or the East Bay is a real possibility.

Everybody else, this is a heads-up so you can find your local cinema (or get tickets, if you're close enough to Great Britain). Because David Tennant in one of my favorite plays is a night not to be missed, and I want to discuss the play with my friends.

Let us sit upon our theatre seats and tell sad stories of the death of kings.

David Tennant as Richard II

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