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Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

Ask Away! Question #3

Someone asked, Does your love of geology affect your dreams? Do the places your dreams occur in have to make sense geologically?

This is a wonderful question. This question makes me happy.

I have an entire dream landscape where many of my dreams have taken place. It's been present to my mind since I was a kid, so I have probably 50 years of dreaming about it. I've walked and driven over it most nights of my life. Sometimes I think I'll go there when I die.

How realistic is it? I have landlords there. And yes, it is geologically coherent, although not original; it's based on Pennsylvania, some folded and faulted ridge-and-valley province (where I was born and spent my earliest years), some high dissected plateau (late childhood through end of high school, and again as an adult), and of course some Philadelphia (college and after and again as an adult).

The entry is still open for questions.

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