Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

Bay Area Locals -- Futon Mattress for Sale

Futon Mattress for Sale - $50 (hayward / castro valley)

Sturdy, comfortable full-size futon mattress for sale. It's zipped into a waterproof mattress protector that also guards against dust mites. Over that is a khaki-colored futon cover. Over that we have usually had sheets and blankets. This is one well-swaddled futon mattress.

NO FUTON FRAME. Just the mattress. Conveniently located just off the intersection of 580 and Foothill in Castro Valley. Bring a friend or two. This sucker is thick and heavy. It's easiest to carry if you roll it and rope it. That gives you something to grip.

If you don't need a mattress, buy it for the mattress protector and futon cover. They're easily worth $50. Yes, you MUST take away the mattress, too.

I really want to be rid of this monster-- I mean charming mattress by Wednesday, February 5.

Please email with your phone number -- extra points if we can text.

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