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Displacement Activity

I've just been pinning Dr Who/cat images to Pinterest. Today I'm thinking about regeneration and many lives.

Gabriel will be 16 in September, and she's used up a lot of lives. She was a feral kitten; I got her when she was 8 weeks old. When she was six months old, someone tried to strangle or hang her; the vet found distinct ligature marks. Once she managed to get trapped in the cellar with no food or water for nearly a week. (To be fair, I looked down there early in the week, and she wasn't there. When I checked again, the board blocking the cellar window had been pushed in, and Gabriel was calmly awaiting me on the floor, nine feet below the window level.) And of course there was the move west: she protested continuously for 3,000 miles.

A few years ago, she disappeared for more than three weeks and came back gaunt, dehydrated, and bedraggled. My best guess, and the vet's, was that she'd gotten into a moving van that was in the neighborhood and made her way back, or else she'd been trapped in a garage while someone was away.

I left Gabriel at the vet this morning with a very swollen tummy and a lot of discomfort. The best possibility is constipation or an intestinal blockage. The worst is that she's used up her ninth life. My greatly loved Possum presented with the same symptom when she had untreatable liver cancer.

They couldn't even get Gabriel out of the carrier, she's so annoyed. She has hated the vet ever since the strangling incident. (I can't be there, I'm working.) Sedation, blood work, and X-rays. I'm waiting for news.

My poor beautiful Gabriel.

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