Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

Dear Craigslist Poster*

I understand your desire to get the most possible money for your used computer. But $625 for a Mac G5 desktop? Even with two Mac monitors -- presumably of the same ancient vintage (well, ancient in computer years), this is ridiculous.

You say, 'It has been in storage for all except first year of its life. That is why I am calling this "new." '

Sweetheart, time passes even in storage units. This computer is somewhere between nine and eleven years old. That's elderly even for a Mac. Furthermore, this is an outdated Mac. It's running on a PowerPC processor. You cannot upgrade this machine to the current OS. In fact, it won't run anything past OS 10.5.8. That's if you're lucky. Older G5s are stuck at 10.3.9.

For less than the price you're asking, other Craigslist sellers are offering much better bargains: a three-year-old MacBook Pro running OS 10.9.4 with Office 2011; a four-year-old i7 Mac Mini server with display, keyboard, and mouse; even a Mac Pro Tower, which is a fearsome beast. All have far more speed, power, RAM, and storage than your G5.

On the other hand, you're not the only person selling a G5 on Craigslist. The other ads are asking anywhere from $50 to $350 for these systems. (The $350 system seems overpriced, but it's bigger and faster than yours.)

I've loved every Mac I ever had. I loved and used my Apple IIe for eight and a half years -- not occasionally, but for five to ten hours a day -- and I was deeply disappointed when it couldn't be fixed. But a touch of realism, please. The G5 just isn't worth that much.

*Not linking out of mercy.

So why am I looking at Mac ads on Craigslist?

Because my much-loved MacBook Pro has finally succumbed. Anybody got a used Mac for sale? Desktop preferred, which basically means a Mini, probably.

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