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L&M: Strange Loves Edition

Originally posted at Feel free to comment there or here.

Originally posted at Feel free to comment there or here.

Bay Area folks: A wonderful kitty needs you!

Who loves Dick best?

Lots more Questions and Answers are on their way. In the meantime, these may amuse you.

From orejen

1. I’ve come to realize that my ex is: better off out of my life, as I am out of his.?
2. I am listening to: the Rolling Stones on my lovely Sennheiser reality-filtering headphones. Ooh, now it’s skipped to “We Can Work It Out” by the Beatles.

3. I talk: in loops. With footnotes.

4. I love: more people, places, ideas, sounds, scents, qualities, and things than I can list.

5. My best friend: is more than one person.

6. I am: so glad I’m middle-aged.

7. I lost the ability: to live a lie.

8. I hate it when: I screw up through procrastination.

9. Love is: not meat and drink, nor shelter, nor a roof against the rain.

10. Marriage is: something I loved, for which I grieve. I miss the partnership and the lovely daily routine. I miss having someone to cook for. I miss the things that ended in my marriage years before the marriage itself ended.

11. Somewhere, someone: can fold a map properly first try.

12. I’ll always be: changing.

13. I have a crush on: not a serious crush on anybody, really. My last real crush dried up and blew away the second I discovered that this person (in many ways exemplary and decidedly beautiful) behaved with shameful selfishness and entitlement toward other people.

14. The last time I cried was: today, during and after therapy. About marriage.

15. My cell phone: has more brain cells than I do.

16. When I wake up in the morning: I open my eyes.

17. Before I go to sleep at night: I always read.

18. Right now I am thinking about: life, marriage, and root canal treatment.

19. Babies are: amazingly individual.

20. I get on myspace LJ: often.

21. Today I: started catching up with work.

22. Tonight I will: empty the car and do laundry.

23. Tomorrow I will: pack for the weekend in Tahoe.

24. I really want: that’s a hell of a good question. Working on the answer.

25. The person who most likely to repost this is: probably killing time.

Also from orejen

All questions have to be answered in three words exactly; no more and no less

1. Where is your cell phone?
Buried in totebag.

2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend?
One of each.

3. Your hair?
Getting long again.

4. Where is your father?
Buried in Gettysburg.

5. Your favorite sex act?
Depends on context.

6. Your favorite thing to do?
Read, write, feel.

7. Your dream last night?
Hunger, danger, disgust.

8. Your favorite drink?
Fresh well water.

9. Your dream car?
HOV-tagged Prius.

10. The room you’re in?
Crowded and windowless.

11. Favorite underwear?
Dark, comfy, itchless.

12. Your fears?
Success, failure, helplessness.

13. Favorite musical instrument?
Listen to keyboards.

14. Who did you hang out with last night?
Gabriel, Satan’s Spawn.

15. What you’re not good at?
Space, time calculations.

16. Muffins?
Cranberry, blueberry, cherry.

17. One of your wish list items?
36-hour day.

18. Where did you grow up?
In Eastern Pennsylvania.

19. The last thing you did?
Checked horrible photoset.

20. What are you wearing?
Jeans, technopeasant shirt.

21. Your pet
Wild silky cat.

22. Your MySpace LJ
Porch, salon, and pulpit.

23. Your computer?
Love those Macs!

24. Your life?
Growing steadily better.

25. Your mood?
Better since lunch.

26. Missing?
My old self.

27. What are you thinking about right now?
Go home soon.

28. Your car?
Needs oil change

29. Your job?
People keep leaving.

30. Your summer?
Been roller coaster.

31. Your relationship status?
Committed, loving, complicated.

32. Your favorite color(s):
Purples, deep hues.

33. When is the last time you laughed?
Today, workplace joke.

34. Last time you cried?
Today during therapy.

35. School?
Love to teach.

This entry was originally posted at Please comment here if you want, or there using OpenID. Or send me a message via carrier pigeon or fortune cookie. I’m dying to hear from you.

This entry was originally posted at Please comment here if you want, or there using OpenID. Or send me a message via carrier pigeon or fortune cookie. I'm dying to hear from you.
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