Stone of stumbling and rock of offense (wordweaverlynn) wrote,
Stone of stumbling and rock of offense

Dear Home-Repair Person

I wish I'd known that your company was a wholly owned subsidiary of Godot, Inc.

Sincerely seething with rage,

Dissatisfied Customer

PS--Making me crawl out of a bed at 6AM to let you in would never have thrilled me. But it's so much worse that the bed had a hot naked man installed and ready to cuddle.

PPS--And when after calls and emails and discussions I put a note on the door and left to pick up some prescriptions, you really twisted the knife with the news that you'd just stopped to pick up supplies and would be here soon. I skipped the rest of my errands and rushed home. Where I am sitting in solitary frustration.

ETA: The contractor showed up at 4:45PM to say there had been a miscommunication. (Also lies. They never were on their way or picking up supplies.) When could we reschedule? So I'll be spending next Monday and Tuesday, and possibly Thursday, waiting for Godot the handyman.

I have to take off work to do this. I am not pleased.
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Tags: home repair horror stories, shirk brothers, slice of life, waiting for godot
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