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Top Fives: Top 5 Fandoms

I swiped this meme from [personal profile] morgan_dhu, who asked me for my top 5 fandoms.

You'd think this would be easy, after a life of media consumption and even production. But I don't think in quite those terms. The stories I love are friends, family, even parts of myself. I'm also not 100% sure what the question is actually asking. The worlds I visit again and again? The worlds where I want to set my own stories? My favorite authors?

So what I'll answer is what are the worlds where I wish there were more stories -- and where I'm happy to read (or write) fanfic.

Discworld. I've loved this place since I first read Pterry. I'm grieved that he's gone.

The Wimsey/Vane stories of Dorothy L. Sayers.

Ursula K. LeGuin's Orsinia.

The Girl in a Swing by Richard Adams. This feels like a strange one -- the book is complete in itself -- but I'd love to write fanfic for it, as well as lit crit about it.

In This House of Brede
by Rumer Godden.

When I was halfway through writing this entry, I talked with[personal profile] gramina about it. She suggested that "a fandom is a body of people for whom a given story world elicits strong feelings and opinions and causes them to engage strongly with the text ('text' being understood in a meta sense)." Which makes sense to me.

How do you define fandom?

Also, the meme:

Ask me for my top five of anything, and I will try to answer. Those who know me well will expect that you might get more than five. Or an essay rather than a list, but that's how I sometimes roll.

Go ahead, ask me!

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