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My Top Fives: Love Stories and Comfort Items

[personal profile] executrix asked me for my top 5 love stories (can be fan or pro).


I really struggled with this, because there are so many Seriously Problematic love stories. I'm so tired of the dominant paradigms. But these love stories -- books and film -- work for me. In no particular order:
  1. Georgette Heyer, A Civil Contract. An impoverished aristocrat marries rich girl to save his estate, Yes, it's lily-white, heteronormative, and not the most feminist love story. But. But. It's a love story with both people trying their best to be decent to each other, sometimes failing, and trying again. Also, farming.
  2. Marge Piercy, Gone to Soldiers. There are several love stories in this long novel about World War II, but my favorite is the romance that Bernice Coates finds. Genuine love in very trying circumstances.
  3. Barbara Hambly, A Free Man of Color.This mystery set in 1830s New Orleans stars Dr. Benjamin January, surgeon, musician, and title character. His romance is discussed in subsequent books, but I adore the love story subplot in this first volume. Augustus Mayerling is a fencing master and a genuinely romantic hero.
  4. The movie Moonstruck. I'm thinking partly of the love between the 37-year-old widow Loretta Castorini Clark (Cher) and Ronnie Camerari (Nicolas Cage at 23) , who is "not a freaking monument to justice." That's operatic passion, but the movie also treats the tenderness and passion and day-to-day issues of long-married couples.
  5. The movie Shakespeare in Love, because wit and snark and Romeo and Juliet. And because of the ending.

From: </a></b></a>tam_nonlinear: Top five comfort items other than books.

Other than books? That's harsh. But I do, in fact, have other kinds of comfort.
  1. Music. The iPod is essential equipment for me.
  2. A cup of tea and a cat.
  3. Doing crafts and/or stash-stroking. This includes doing counted cross-stitch (preferably while a favorite movie plays in the background) and playing with pretty stones, beads, etc. -- which may or may not actually include making any jewelry with them.
  4. Baking bread. Playing with dough makes me inexpressibly happy.
  5. Cuddling with one of my partners.
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