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Top Fives: Top 5 Breathless Experiences and Soothing Songs

Still answering questions about my top 5 whatevers.

[personal profile] sine_nomine:Top 5 experiences that left you breathless.

"Breathless" covers a lot of ground. These experiences all share high intensity, but they were very different in feeling.
  1. Finishing my first book. The process of writing the 300-page manuscript took 15 working days spread over less than a month, but I'd been thinking over the ideas for years and pondering the outline for eight months. Writing that book was one of the peak experiences of my life.
  2. Seeing Muir Woods for the first time. I'd never seen a full-grown redwood before, much less walked through a forest of primeval giants.
  3. Going up into the mountains. This always works, especially high enough that I have a little oxygen deprivation.
  4. Falling in love, particularly with [personal profile] gramina.
  5. Pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, and anaphylactic shock have all left me breathless at various times, but I don't suggest that you try them.

[personal profile] belleweather:Top five songs that go straight to your lizard brain and calm you down.
  1. Almost any competent version of the glorious "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring." I'm particularly fond of the Peter Schickele instrumental arrangement, but that version is not available on YouTube (or CD, even). Yes, Schickele is best known as P.D.Q. Bach, but he did other things as well.
  2. Stokowski conducting Bach's "Mein Jesu," from BWV 487. (Not to be confused with the previous entry.)
  3. Tomas de la Victoria's O Magnum Mysterium.
  4. The Kingston Trio singing "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?" A song from my childhood.
  5. Carly Simon's "Haven't Got Time for the Pain." This one is from my adolescence.
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