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  • Mon, 09:10: The 2017 #eclipse has started. We're watching from a parking lot in Grass Valley, CA.
  • Mon, 09:13: Overheard at the #eclipse: I'm gonna go home and get my welding hood.
  • Mon, 09:16: There's a divot in the sun and some shadows across that look like a storm. #eclipse
  • Mon, 09:44: It seems to be happening faster now -- almost certainly an optical illusion. #eclipse
  • Mon, 09:47: Overheard at the #eclipse: Holy wow!
  • Mon, 09:59: My companion just gave our spare pair of #eclipse glasses to some people who pulled up near us. All they had easy a pinhole camera.
  • Mon, 10:04: The #eclipse keeps growing. Measurably cooler and dimmer now.
  • Mon, 10:09: Incidentally, I packed my dragon t-shirt and am wearing it now. A dragon eating the sun is a traditional cause of an #eclipse.
  • Mon, 10:27: The #eclipse is waning. People have been sharing their protective glasses. The solar event makes us community.
  • Mon, 10:28: Oh, and that guy did go home for his welding shield. It projects the image of what's happening outside to the inside of the mask. #eclipse
  • Mon, 10:42: The woman we gave #eclipse glasses to just came over and thanked us. She also showed us what happens when you take a photo.
  • Mon, 11:28: Just a tiny bit left of the #eclipse, a bite out of the sun. It looks like an eyeball or an olive.
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