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MEME: Icons a Go Go

Reply to this post with "PORGS!" and I will pick three of your icons for you to talk about in your own journal, and then keep the meme going by making this offer on your post.

Swiped from the estimable [personal profile] rydra_wong .

Keywords: russ, SF, wiscon

I made this icon -- a photo of SF author Joanna Russ followed by two of my favorite short quotations from her brilliant THE FEMALE MAN. On reflection, I'm not sure how coherent it is, and the aesthetics make my eyes bleed. Nevertheless, they're still two of my favorite quotes from Joanna Russ, and she is still one of the most important writers in my personal canon. Not just because she was a lesbian and a feminist when I desperately needed to know I wasn't alone, but because she deconstructed oppression with such wit and accuracy.

Keywords: change, hands on from iconsbycurtana

Yes, that is Katharine Hepburn, but even more important than the magnificent Kate is the role she was playing: Eleanor of Aquitaine in THE LION IN WINTER. If you haven't seen that movie, remedy the omission as soon as you can. Peter O'Toole reprises his role as her husband Henry II from the movie BECKET -- the two films make a great double feature. Let's just say that the family is royally dysfunctional. I rarely use this icon, though I should bring it out more -- being able to change the world doesn't depend on having a solid foundation of a healthy family life.

Keyword: lies  made by dymers_dream

Quotation from Terry Pratchett, another star in my personal canon, with a nod to the X-Files. It's a useful reminder to question your own assumptions -- although it's always easier and more fun to question other people's.

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